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Message or information is the content or substance of communication activities. Communication activities that occur within the Koes Music Fans Club-Jiwa Nusantara Community, have their own uniqueness. The uniqueness are seen in the aspects of information types, sources of literacy, and communication symbols among Koes Plus Band fans. The purpose of this study is to attempt to describe aspects of the type of information, literacy sources, and communication symbols among members of the Koes Music Fans Club-Soul Nusantara community. The method used is a phenomenological method using the constructivist paradigm. The results of this study are messages or information which is exchanged among KMFC-JN Community members, basically related to the existence of Koes Plus/Koes Bersaudara, which includes music, songs, the song lyrics, personnel, history, musical instruments or instruments used, and so on. Other matters that are often discussed, aside from the Koes Plus/Koes Brothers issue, are about the existence and activities of the Community that has to do with Koes Plus.