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So far, there have been series of researches on factors that predicate employees’ turnover intentions like job satisfaction, gender, environment and management but this particular study takes a look on the function of demographic variables in forecasting turnover intention among librarians in public libraries. The principal areas of focus among the demographic variables were age and gender and their function in forecasting turnover intentions among librarians working in public libraries in Nigeria. The study further identified some factors that may bring about intents to leave and retention among these librarians. 350 sampled librarians in public libraries in Nigeria formed the respondents. Turnover intention (a = .87) was assessed using 3-item from prior research, while to test the hypotheses, Independent Sample T-test for gender and one-way Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) between age groups were used. The study found that demographic variables have a significant contribution which has both positive and negative effect on turnover intentions of librarians working in public libraries. The outcome of the study also indicates that male librarians were more likely to leave the libraries or librarianship than their female counterparts and that older librarians were more likely to stay on the job and profession than their younger colleagues. The study after identifying certain factors that influence librarians’ turnover intentions, made recommendations.



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