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This study is a part of a large research project and measures the library service quality of the college libraries of the Punjab, Pakistan. This study is also tried to present an alternative methodology to analyze comments as part of large questionnaire-based survey. Data has been consisted of 609 respondent’s qualitative comments. The study identifies the overall poor infrastructure of the college libraries in Pakistan. Majority of the respondents have given negative feedback about the current status and the situation of the libraries. It has been noted that most of the colleges have been established over 50 years ago, but their libraries are still situated in a single room, poorly managed and having space issues, electricity issues and ventilation issues (especially in the South Punjab). Moreover, the non-availability of the latest resources, total absence of ICTs tools and non-cooperative attitude of the staff has been the major concerns for the library users. The key reason for all these negative remarks is that approximately over 500 vacant posts of the college librarians in Punjab have remained vacant since last decade. There is an immediate need to fill these vacant posts, increase college library budgets and improve overall infrastructure of the libraries by the Govt. of the Punjab as well as the Punjab Higher Education Commission.

Keywords: LibQUAL, LibQUAL comments, library service quality, questionnaire comments analysis, the college libraries, the Punjab, Pakistan.



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