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Fall 11-1-2020


The COVID19 pandemic has adversely affected the library environment and its services. Since academic institutions are closed, librarians are forced to adopt more electronic contents to meet the need of users. Managing the complexity of eResources is another great challenge for the librarians. As existing Library Management Software is incompetent to manage the entire life cycle of electronic resources, open source electronic resource management system products are rapidly gaining momentum around the globe. In this context, the present research study examines the library practices regarding the use of CORAL an open source electronic resource management (ERMS) for the effective management of subscribed eResources in their respective libraries nationwide. The paper also investigates the problems and challenges faced by the library while installing and using CORAL ERMS. It also analyses the overall perception of Library Professionals towards the CORAL and the level of satisfaction with the features, functions and different modules of CORAL ERMS. The lion's share of the Library Professionals is satisfied with the CORAL. However, due to lack of vendor support and shortage of skilled workforce, the software is getting less attention across the library professionals than it deserves.



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