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Winter 10-5-2020


Purpose: This paper makes a broad investigation on the libraries of universities in Gujarat, India. The paper features the job of library experts in checking book robbery, mutilation, vandalism, and planning strategy to control and beat the issue in scholastic libraries. This examination additionally explores the security challenges in the libraries of universities. The investigation expects to distinguish the causes and defenselessness of book burglary, mutilation and vandalism and the weakness of library arrangements and safety efforts.

Methodology: The examination depends on information got through the dispersion of survey in the colleges of Gujarat to know the present circumstance of library and the familiarity with library experts in regards to human/man-made security. It was an organized survey planned for gathering information from the library experts in Gujarat, India. The information investigation was done through MS Excel with visual diagrams for illustrations apprehensible.


The percentage of weakness is less than 50% for unsecured windows, multiple entries/exits, and untrained library staff and unfamiliarity with proper security techniques. Most of the libraries have CCTV cameras, but very few libraries have RFID systems. More than 74% libraries take inventory regularly, fifty percentage data received that librarians’ workplace under lock and key system and 87% libraries operate by single door entry-exit.


The result of this research contribute to all the academic university libraries regarding the security against theft, mutilation, vandalism. This study also aware the libraries regarding the upgraded and viable security through sufficient enrollment, preparing, library strategy and selection of innovation like CCTV and RFID.

Research Limitation:

This study has been carried out on only academic libraries of Gujarat state in India from the perspectives of human/manmade security.

Practical implications: The important result in this study is that the enough text books is required to reduce the theft. Library have to change the rules of circulation and increase the loan period for books. Unawareness also observed from student side and at the time of examination they are suffer for the library books. Many libraries are not implemented grills on widow for security purpose. Library policy have to update as per the requirement and implementation is also necessary to control human security. The significant implication is RFID system not available in many libraries due to budget issue for that university management could develop the additional budget on security measures for libraries.



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