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Fall 10-6-2020


The study investigated the role of library instruction in curbing plagiarism among undergraduates in University of Ilorin. The research design was descriptive survey .The research was guided by two questions and a hypothesis. It was a questionnaire based study. Purposive sampling technique and total enumeration were used to sample the respondents. The target population constituted 382 undergraduates but 235 copies of the questionnaire were found usable which represented 61.1% of the response rate. The findings from the study showed that there was no significant relationship between the attendance of library instruction and the knowledge of plagiarism among undergraduates. This was attributed to the length of time used for teaching on plagiarism. The study recommended that more attention should be paid to hands-on practical sessions on plagiarism to reduce the rate of ignorance of plagiarism among undergraduates in University of Ilorin.