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An exploratory approach of study is made to understand the extent and level of awareness of search techniques which is carried out among the research scholars of departments in University of Kerala. The preferred source of developing awareness in information search and access by the researchers need to identified for the quickly approach of the right documents for their research works. It is found to be very essential to conduct a study that is relevant in the present digital environment which results in the benefit of the researchers for suitably selecting the search techniques required for their topic. The study is conducted among the research scholars including both M.Phil. and Ph.D. of the ten faculties. The paper explores the level and extent of various sources where they gained awareness of search techniques. The stratified random sampling method is adopted here to collect the required data through questionnaire. The paper evidently collected data from the population of 830, where a sample of 656 Research Scholars of the ten faculties was selected for the study. The Mann-Whitney U test is applied to analyse the data set and the calculated statistical evidences did not support the formulated null hypothesis. The observed Mann-Whitney U test values are; Help Menu (U=44258.500), Online Tutorials (U=45249.000), Guidelines (U=46079.000), Class Room Trainings (U=46484.000), and Library User Programs (U=43946.000). Study enabled the authors to find an answer for the research question- Is there any significant differences between the Mean value of Gender and usage levels of sources?



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