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The paper examines freedom of information bill, a policy for national development: the library’s perspective. The provision of timely and accurate information from an authentic source(s) is a booster to national development. Freedom of Information is the right to access information held by government and public institutions. Libraries are positioned to provide and promote access to information which will translate to development of the society. Freedom of information is a necessity in order to salvage the nation Nigeria. This paper therefore, is an opinion paper which gives us an overview of the FOI bill in Nigeria, the relevance of the bill as a policy for national development such as providing credible evaluation of the performance of government regimes, openness and transparency in government. Challenges of FOI in Nigeria was also revealed, some of which are: lack of awareness, lack of information flow, corruption etc. The study concluded with the library’s perspective on FOI which shows that libraries are seen as an information centres/agents that will provide the necessary information on the FOI to the public. The FOI bill as it is today in Nigeria only resides in the constitution of the Federal Republic and not in the hearts of individual citizens, it is the library and other information centres that will bring it to the heart of the individual in Nigeria.



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