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Respected Chief Editor,

Herewith I am sending my original research manuscript entitled Impact on Social Media among the Faculty Members and Research Scholars in Tamil Nadu Agricultural Institutions: A Studyfor your kind perusal and favourable consideration to publish in Library Philosophy and Practice (e-Journal), ISSN NO: 1522-0222. The manuscript contains five tables and two Diagrams, the documents (full manuscript) were attached in the format of MS word and this manuscript has not been submitted/ published previously. Hence, you are requested to accept for publication and acknowledge the same to proceed further and oblige.


The present research study focuses on the awareness of Social Media among the Faculty Members and Research Scholars of different subject background in Tamil Nadu Agricultural Institutions. A Well structured questionnaire was used to collect the information from the respondents. A total number of 965 filled in questionnaire were received back out of 1200 questionnaire. It was found that majority of the respondents participated in the study had medium level of awareness on Social Media. In addition, the benefits of using Social Media at different age groups and qualifications were also assessed to find out the sources from which they acquire the knowledge about Social Media as well revealed the constraints of Social Media among respondents. The results of the present study had revealed that, both male and female respondents participated in the study have shown very low level of awareness on Social Media. The study concludes that the impact on the Social Media among the Faculty members and the Research Scholars of Tamil Nadu Agricultural Institutions were found to be prompt.



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