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Fall 10-14-2020


The study investigated students’ awareness of the Sakai LMS tools, the extent of use, and the major challenges faced by students. Also, hypotheses were tested in the bid to find out relationships among variables. The study is useful to education practitioners, management of Distance Education, policymakers, and learning management system developers and also pertinent in the COVID-19 era. The study was based on the Technology Acceptance Model and survey methodology with a sample size of 230 level 300 Distance Learning students of the University of Ghana. Convenience sampling was adopted, data were gathered using a questionnaire and analyzed using SPSS. From the findings, the extent of awareness of the Sakai LMS tools was moderate and users became aware through their tutors and the orientation program. However, some of the Sakai tools were not utilized as the result of a lack of awareness; the extent of use of the Sakai LMS was relatively low due to some challenges such as inadequate training on how to use the platform, system errors, and inability to access the Sakai platform at the point of need, difficulty in getting access to the internet, slow internet connectivity, etc. It was recommended the Distance Education unit should provide adequate orientation and training to students, instructors, and tutors on how to use the Sakai LMS tools, provision of an effective support system, high bandwidth for internet connectivity, linking Sakai LMS to social media, and redesigning of the Sakai LMS interface to make it more attractive and interactive.



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