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The paper examined utilization of cloud computing and its relationship on the academic performance of final year students of the Federal University of Technology, Owerri. A 4-point Lickert scale of Strongly Agree; Agree; Disagree; Strongly Disagree was used to obtain responses from the 285 sample respondents. The result shows that majority of 206(72%) out of 285 utilizes cloud computing for e-mail and other social media platform. Following in descending order, 96(33.6%) for University portal; 95(33.3%) for e-learning; 88(30.9%) for digital archiving; 88(30.9%) for research application; 87(30.5%) use it to search online database; 85(29.8%) for online file storage. This therefore resulted to a pooled mean value of 2.17 which is below the accepted 2.5 value for a 4-point lickert scale; thus requiring higher utilization. However, the null hypotheses was rejected hence there is a strong relationship between knowledge/utilization of cloud computing and academic performance. As shown in the table, f-ratio calculated value is 31.844 with an alpha value of 0.011 which is higher than f- tabulated value at 0.05 and df=1 and 284 is 3.89.



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