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Winter 10-22-2020


The ongoing pandemic is a global challenge that has resulted in significant morbidity and mortality worldwide. It has severely affected the economy and social integrity of most of the nations. Everyone who has lived through this period of uncertainty has acknowledged the fact that these circumstances have changed the way of life of people across the globe. While there has been a rising concern about the severity of the health challenges faced by the general population, especially vulnerable is the situation of the elderly, the children, health professionals, and also academicians who are braving the mal-effects of this grave onslaught that is a threat to mankind’s very existence. The teaching fraternity is constantly facing the negative effect of information deprivation due to the closure of libraries and overload through available technologies. The focus of this study is to understand the problems of stress and dissatisfaction experienced by the academicians at Panjab University, Chandigarh (India) during and post lockdown COVID-19 pandemic. The classic empirical mixed-method approach was used for data collection by using quantitative and qualitative techniques. A structured questionnaire and in-depth interviews were conducted to obtain views of the teaching fraternity. The study highlights various mental stress challenges experienced by teaching fraternity and how libraries have been coming to the forefront to maintain a strategic equilibrium and balance between mind and body during the pandemic. The findings could have tremendous scope for other studies on the subject as well as evolving policy implications.



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