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Investigation on Librarians' emotional intelligence as a correlate of effective library management


The study investigated the connection between emotional intelligence and effective management of the library and librarians’ performance. The study adopted a survey research design with a sampled population of 370 selected among librarians working in different libraries in Nigeria through purposive sampling technique. The study was guided by three research questions and three hypotheses that were tested at 0.05 level of significance. The instruments used for data collection for this study were Librarians Emotional Intelligence Scale (LEIS) adopted from Adimora, Akaneme and Umeano (2013), Librarians Library Management Scale (LLMS) adopted from Turanlis (1999) and Employees Performance Scale (EPS) adopted from Gürkanlar (2010). To establish the reliability of the instruments used, Cronbach Alpha was used and the reliability indices stood at 0.74, 0.94 and 0.93 for LEIS, LLMS and Employees Performance Scale respectively. The data collected were analyzed using Pearson-Product Moment Correctional Coefficient (r), whereas, the hypothesis were tested using One-Way Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) with Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) as well as with correlation analysis and regression analysis for clearer establishment of the relationship between emotional intelligence and librarians’ performance. The outcome of the study reveals that there exist high positive relationship between librarians’ emotional intelligence and the effective management of university libraries. It also shows that there is low positive relationship existing between librarians’ emotional intelligence and their gender. In line with findings, it was recommended, that librarians should take into cognizance both their own emotional intelligence and that of their clients in the course of duty for effective library management as well as create good and conducive library climate and development of intervening programmes aimed at increasing librarians’ skills in library management irrespective of gender.