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This opinion paper is the product of narrating the practical experiences of the author during the construction of Oduduwa University library complex. In the study, who should be on the planning team, visitation of other libraries to see their brief and architectural design before the University librarian write the Architectural brief was emphasized. Other areas that the work looked into included deriving estimation for projected years, points that should be kept in mind in planning the building, Choosing Suitable Site, need for the building to be tropical architecture, space allocated within the new library building, commissioning and problems encountered. The paper concludes that the National University’s Commission and Librarian Registration Council of Nigeria should ensure that professionally prepared standards are made available for library buildings, to reduce the risk of having standards made for them by people and Librarians should resist any attempt for the funds budgeted for the project to be diverted, misused or stolen. The study recommends that during the library projects the librarian should ensure that independent experts unknown to the contractors, staff, and other professionals on the planning team be invited at various stages of the project for peer review. This is important since the librarian is not an Architect, Civil or electrical engineer as it is not wise to blindly trust professional advice, at times their advice could be colured with personal and selfish interest.