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Summer 9-1-2020


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A tiny attempt is taken to investigate the research performances in the area of Food Economics based on the Scientifics measure as called Scientometrics. As per web of science data collection, a total of 3213 data has been gathered through key word searching from 1975 to 2020 (August). A remarkable finding was retrieved under the analysis of Publication Impact and Citation Impact from the following categories such as Year wise, Country wise and Institutional wise. In the year 2019, the highest research contribution of 286 was recorded, but it was purely opposite in the citation impact by 2329 as in decreasingly. In the view of the country level impact, the three more countries such as USA (42.9%), UK (11.8%) and Australia (6.3%) have been reflected as the top by receiving global citations of 43221, 13314 and 6143 from their output of 378,378 and 202 respectively.The meaningful contributions have been recorded from Indian publications with 3.2% in total publications which was reflected as 1819 in total global citations. Cornell University was the highest publication witnessed by 62 followed by INRA (48), University of Minnesota (47). This publication seems that the growth rate is fluctuating vice versa instead of neither constant nor gradually increasing between periods of research in the research forum



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