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Winter 11-11-2020


The present study deals with 5192 citations appended to 20 doctoral theses which are awarded by the Department of Library and Information Science in The University of Burdwan, West Bengal, during 2010 to 2019. In this period, the university has awarded 22 doctoral theses in Library and Information Science. Out of 22 theses, 20 theses are selected for this study. This study aims to analyze several parameters like format of literature cited, authorship pattern of citations, chronological distribution of citations and also a ratio of Indian journal citations and foreign journal citations. Two different rank lists of journals in library and Information Science are also included in order to find out the most referred journals in Library and Information Science. . The present study reveals that out of the total 1716 citations in journal, 774 citations (45 %) are contributed by single author. It reveals that journals are the most preferable sources of information used by the researchers in Library and Information Science. The degree of collaboration of authors in the cited journals is 0.548. The average citation per thesis is 259.6 and the ratio of the cited Indian and foreign journal citation is 67:219.



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