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A Flashcard is one of the media to develop student information literacy in which its application includes activities of analyzing, writing and telling stories. Storytelling is a process of reading that is useful to increase the courage to appear in public. This research used descriptive method. For preliminary research, we used experiments, making flash cards as learning media for elementary students. After that, the students were interviewed. The results of this study indicate that students are very enthusiastic to start a flashcard game that they think is fun. The benefits of a flashcard game include improving language skills, increasing the ability to compose stories, remembering and memorizing, analyzing a problem, and enriching vocabulary. Apart from the cognitive side, the benefits of a flashcard game can also increase self-confidence, develop good and effective communication, and enhance creativity. The concept of a flashcard is a learning medium by playing. The advantages of flashcards include fun learning media, and simple and attractive shapes as they are pictorial and colorful.



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