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Purpose – The concept of marketing has caught the eye of LIS professionals as it has plenty of possibilities to uplift the profession’s image ensuring the quality of services. Keeping the focus of the concept of marketing, the present paper intends to explore the users’ opinion about use and practice of marketing concept in medical college libraries in Assam with special reference to allopathic medicine.

Design/methodology/approach – Firstly, a thorough literature search was done to understand the concept/areas of study like concept of marketing, how it can be practiced and how it can be beneficial for users and libraries both. In addition, in order to accomplish the objectives of study, the users’ viewpoint was collected through a precise questionnaire consisted several question keeping in mind the objectives of study, followed by personal interview and thorough discussion with users of the libraries under study. The quantitative and qualitative methods were employed to analyse the collected data and conclusion is drawn with recommendations as well.

Findings – The study reveals that the users have positive attitude about the LIS products and services provided by the libraries under study. But, still the users’ face some problems in accessing their required information that must be taken-care by the library professionals. And further, the study comes out with some recommendations in order to strengthen the practice of marketing concept, so that the users’ can be made well aware about LIS products and services.

Research limitations/implications – The study is confined to medical college libraries (allopathic) affiliated to Srimanta Sankaradeva University of Health Science (SSUHS) in Assam. The study examines the users’ opinion about the concept of marketing, however, in the drastically changing environment; the impact of the concept in library marketing has necessitated the further research.

Practical implications – The paper include the implication of Marketing philosophy in the libraries in order to remain sustain which is actually in the need of the hour. In addition, marketing philosophy shall play a managerial role to create a balance between the library resources collection and its proper utilization.

Originality/value – The study is unique in its own way as all the studies have been conducted on the use of marketing concept by either academic or social science libraries but the application and adoption of marketing concept by medical libraries especially in north-east India is still untouched and the present study is an effort put forward to fill this gap. Keywords: Brand management, Corporate branding, Leadership, Social change.

Keywords: Marketing; LIS Products; LIS Services; Marketing Philosophy; Modern Marketing; Information Products; and Information Services

Article Type: Research paper



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