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As the 5G technology is going to be deployed soon, so the research on the 5G antennas as a part of communication devices becomes an important aspect. One of the important components of the 5G communication system is an antenna that is essential for the transmission and reception of the 5G signals. The international telecommunication union (ITU) has provided different specifications for the 5G communication system. The 5G antenna should operate at frequency range 1 and 2 (FR1 and FR2) specified by the ITU. The proliferation of various 5G antenna designs is surveyed in this bibliometric paper. The bibliometric survey aims to throw light on several types of antenna employed in various 5G applications like smartphone, base stations, and the IoT based devices that support 5G communications. The Scopus database from January 2015 to 14th October 2020 is used to perform this bibliometric survey on 5G antennas. This paper also presents various future breakthroughs in 5G applications.



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