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The paper aims to present the results of a survey of academic libraries about the adoption and perceived impact of Web 2.0 technologies. A total of 26college libraries affiliated with Solapur University participated among the members. It was found that each library was using some form of technology, such as RSS, blogs, social networking sites, wikis, and instant messaging. Analyzing the entire college web technology usages, it is observed from the results that most of the web technologies are not used by the mainstream of the users due to lack of awareness, training, etc. Accurate and appropriate training should be conducted by the colleges' Libraries according to the necessities of the users. Systematic training will inevitably help the user for the maximum utilization of e-resources of the library. The leading web technologies such as internet surfing, emails, search engines, wikis, photo sharing, etc. are used by a great number of users on a daily and weekly basis of frequency. On the other hand majority of the web technologies are never used by a great number of users.



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