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The study is a descriptive survey research design; the purpose of this study is to examine the south eastern librarians’ perception of libraries as information providers in the restructuring of Nigeria; find out the benefits of restructuring; determine the barriers to the implementation of restructuring; find out the librarians’ perception of the place of libraries in the issue of Nigerian restructuring and determine the extent to which librarians perceive libraries as information providers in restructuring Nigeria. Questionnaire was designed to collect data from a population of 300 librarians from South East Nigeria. Out of which, 260 copies were collected; the data was analyzed using descriptive statistics (mean). The findings of the study among other things revealed that libraries are information providers in restructuring question, through engagement in dialogue for change; through creation of awareness that would help both the government and the masses. Based on the findings, the study recommended that the government should consider the benefits of restructuring and try to carry the citizens along, in order to have a united Nigerian Nation without any section feeling marginalized or agitated; librarians can create awareness on what they perceive as barriers to restructuring which includes, the federal holding on to duties that should be relinquished to the states. Finally, librarians should take their place as information providers and organize seminars/workshops to guide the citizens, help the government and to disseminate relevant information on Nigerian restructuring question that can keep the states as united force.



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