Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


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Winter 12-1-2020




The study investigated the influence of library environment and user education on undergraduates’ use of the college main library at the college of education warri. The study adopted the survey research design and the population consisted of 10,000 regular undergraduates in five faculties from which a sample size of 400 respondents was selected, using a random sampling technique. The research instrument used for data collection was a self-developed questionnaire while data were analyzed using frequency distribution, percentages. The research finding disclosed the customer education methods were library orientation for fresh learners and use of library course with guided library tour. In order to study and read for exams, most undergraduates used the library daily or weekly. That college library environment was defined by excellent library building, but insufficient technological equipment to be used for electronic sources and bad network / internet connectivity to access electronic databases were some of the main problems of using the college library. The research discovered a substantial connection between autonomous factors (library environment and customer education) and dependent variable (database use); whereas both library environment and customer education contributed jointly and independently to library use among graduates. In order to sensitize more learners and draw their attention to the accessible resources and facilities, the college library environment (both inner and external) should be produced more conducive to attracting customers to the library at all times