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Open access resources are an essential part of the academic community by which students, researchers, and even faculties get useful resources to pursue their academic requirements. Open access repositories enhance the visibility of scholarly publications and improve the collaboration among the authors with the support of global networks. Open access institutional repository provides a platform to showcase the intellectual works of an individual organisation. At present a total of 5414 repositories were found on DOAR from all countries on different subjects. Out of 5414, 96 repositories were from India. The analysis presented in this study is based on selected criteria like software used, size of items, content included, languages and policy used, etc. This study explores the prominence of open access institutional repositories of India reflected in the Directory of Open Access Institutional Repository (DOAR). Authors made to visualize India's contribution to repository type, disciplines, languages covered, and software used for building the Institutional Repository (IR) to communicate it better. As a concluding remark, the authors elucidated the opportunities and threats associated with the development of OAIR to meet the educational requirements of the academic community.