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Summer 11-21-2020


As day go by, the issue of information services delivery becomes very vital to the survival of the human race. However, the libraries remain the only avenue through which effective information services can be delivered. As to whether most of these libraries, especially, the public libraries, are living up to the expectation in terms of the delivery of effective information services and rural development attainment, remains a major issue. Sadly, it could be right to say that most public libraries in Nigeria are not what they should be, compared with their counterparts in the developed nations. However, the negligence of public libraries in rural communities by the government has resulted in few public libraries, poor library structure and scanty shelves. These contributed in making the public libraries of no effect in terms of information services delivery and rural development. It now seems that the people no longer understand the roles of these public libraries in development. To this end, this paper critically looked into transposing and reforming the Nigerian public libraries for effective information services delivery as a means of achieving rural development.



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