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Winter 11-23-2020


This paper reports findings of three focus group interviews conducted to obtain students’ perception about MPhil (Master of Philosophy) leading to PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) program in Library and Information Science (LIS) at the University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan.

The results represent four open-ended questions of discussion that comprise, (a) students’ opinion about the admission policy and procedure of this program, (b) students’ reflection on program of the study, (c) students’ view on the coursework curriculum and its relation with writing a research dissertation, and (d) students’ opinion about the availability of required facilities.

The key findings reveal that this academic program is a great opportunity for the LIS professionals. Being in initial stage, it has certain skill related challenges ahead. Hence, preparing LIS students for the future leadership roles does involve teaching them technology skills, practical research skills, communication skills, and management and leadership skills. Further, the availability of required facilities needs improvement.



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