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Alcoholic drinks have been prepared and consumed in India from ancient times. Many techniques are applied to brew alcohol locally, out of which rice beer is very prominent. Scientific research has been conducted to standardize the brewing technique of local tribes for mass production and storage. This study aims to explore India's publication pattern in rice beer research during 1990-2019. This study analyzes a total of 84 papers on rice beer obtained from the Web of Science database. The distribution of literature on rice beer has been analyzed year-wise, document wise, favoured research areas frequently occurred keywords. Data were extracted through the Web of Science database related to August 2020. Results revealed that: i) 2014 is the most productive year; ii) articles found to be the principal source of publications iii) the most preferred research area on rice beer is Food Science Technology; iv) the occurrence of keywords found with the help VOSviewer. This current study is a bibliometric analysis of rice beer which has been carried out to find the research trend at the national level.