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This study provides a bibliometric analysis of law literature published from 2015-2019. A total of 3001 articles were retrieved from DOAJ database for the study. The law literature has been further divided into two categories, i.e. Public law and Private law. This paper focuses on the journal-wise distribution of publications, subject-wise distribution of publications, annual growth rate as well as compound annual growth rate, relative growth rate (RGR) and doubling time (DT) of open access law literature. Various statistical tests and methods such as Student’s t test, Chi-square test and correlation studies have been applied to verify the significance difference between the public law and the private law literature. It is found that the mean RGR for public law and private law are 0.41% and 0.39 % respectively whereas the values of DT for public and private law are 2.03 years and 0.98 year respectively.