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Diabetes Mellitus is a chronic disease which can be deadly if undetected for longer time. Artificial intelligence is helping in healthcare industry to a great extent by helping professionals to derive useful information and patterns from data available in various formats: Survey data, electronic health records, laboratory data.. Diabetes, if predicted at an early stage can help many people to save lives and cost for healthcare. Decision-making, diagnosing and predicting diabetes have become an increasing trend in recent years. There are numerous publications in diabetes prediction and yet it’s an ongoing research topic with availability of new data and methods. This study aims to provide a global picture on current status of diabetes prediction research field by analyzing trends in publications, authors, countries and institutions from Scopus and Web of Science database for the year 2009-2020. Further, to enhance the analysis, network inspection in terms of co-authorship, collaborative countries, citation analysis and keyword co-occurrences were explored. Tools like VoSviewer and tableau are used for analysis.