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The study examines the accessibility, utilization and satisfaction of information resources and services in Nigeria's Agriculture University Libraries. Non-academic staff, from Federal University of Technology, Owerri, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Abia and University of Nigeria Nsukka are the respondents. The main objective of the study is to study the information resources, services, utilization and satisfaction at Agriculture University Libraries in Nigeria in order to analyze the types of available information resources, the level of usage and user satisfaction. Questionnaires were provided to users and the researcher took 1.3 % of the entire respondent population= 5878= 78, so seventy eight (78) copies of the questionnaires were given to the respondents. Fifty nine (59) copies of the various Agriculture University Libraries sampled were retrieved and analyzed, representing 75.64 %. Key findings show that in the Agriculture University Libraries sampled, the existing agricultural information tools available, accessible and used are inadequate current information resources, particularly e-journals e-books and loan times, agricultural information related information resources, such as databases, e-journals e-books, as there was not much available for the established information needs. There was no access to adequate information resources for users because of the insufficient number of library employees. The study recommended the enhancement of existing information tools, services and user information needs facilities, offline database subscriptions such as AGORA, HINARI, AJOL, JSTORE and E-Granary to access agricultural information offline, with millions of textbook and journal information resources accessible and added every second.