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Fall 12-14-2020


This paper attempts to highlight the growth and development of Covid-19 Vaccine literature and make the quantitative and qualitative assessment by way of analyzing various features of research output and Citations impact based on the Web of Science database. A total of 433 publications were published on Covid-19 Vaccine, which received 52567 Citations during 1989-2020. The average number of citations per publication was 121.4. The research was peaked in 2020 with 97(Which received a minimum of 500 Citations) Publications and the highest number of citations (14623) were received in 2020. USA had the highest share 229 of publications and received 29027 Citations followed by the Peoples Republic of China with 13798 Citations for 114 publications, the UK with 4314 Citations for 35 publications, Germany with 3404 Citations for 33 publications, the Netherlands with 28 Citations for 28 publications. The study found that India has recorded 705 Citations for 9 Publications. The highly productive Institutions were: National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases from the USA with 39 publications and received 6076 Citations followed by University N Carolina- the USA with 31 publications and 4118 citations, University Hong Kong- China with 23 publications and 3546 citations, New York Blood Centre with 21 publications and 2931 citations. The highly productive (Citations) journals are JOURNAL OF VIROLOGY with 5724 Citations for 53 Publications, SCIENCE with 4163 Citations for 13 publications, PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA with 3113 Citations for 20 publications, NATURE with 2250 Citations for 13 publications, and LANCET with 1528 Citations for 8 publications. This may be attributed to a new field for research to demystify the phenomena of Covid-19 Vaccine. There were 18 single Author publications by the scientists and 2906 multi-Author collaborative publications. The Collaboration Index is 7.05 and Citing Articles 15055.



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