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Winter 12-19-2020

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A bibliometric analysis of scientific research production of the top five most productive countries in comparison with India in nuclear and high energy physics is presented during the period 1996-2019 using Scopus-linked SCImago electronic database. To validate the present study, some selected bibliometric indicators such as published documents, their citations and citations per document has been studied. In total, 769180 research documents were published worldwide in journal, conference proceedings and in book series. United States (16.47%), Germany(8.64%), Japan (6.65%), China (6.41%) and Russian Federation (5.89%) were the top most productive countries rankwise, whereas India ranked 10th with 21157 research documents accounting for 2.75% of world share. The average normalized external citations magnitude varies between 7.4 (United States) and 1.2 (China), whereas, average normalized external citations per document magnitude varies only between 1.9 (United States) and 1.0 (India) indicating slightly improved performance of India. The overall scientific production output diminished year after year at world level except China (in document production) pointing towards shrink in research facilities along with more focus on applied rather than basic science research. India performed slightly better even after its least investment of % GDP (less than 1% from year 1996-2018) in research as compared to other leading counties. More research facilities along with enhancement in % GDP expenditure in basic research should be prioritize by Indian policy makers so as to increase publication count along with quality publications to improve its rank.