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This article is an interesting article. Part of an important theme of my dissertation research. Hopefully it can be published in the LPP journal


The reality of ethnic identity becomes an interesting phenomenon when used in political communication practices, especially in democratic government systems, because it can be a differentiator for its users in forming a political image or identity. Using a qualitative research method with a case study approach, this research succeeded in revealing that the attributes of political communication by Regent Dedi Mulyadi through verbal and nonverbal messages and his political communication strategy were the practice of managing impressions to form a certain political identity. To achieve this goal, the use of social media is an important political communication strategy. The construction of reality with Sundanese ethnic symbols and attributes appears in verbal and nonverbal forms such as clothing styles, logo designs and cultural practices, as well as new attributes and idioms in Sundanese ethnic discourse. These various verbal and nonverbal messages gave birth to a unique impression that differentiated Regent Dedi Mulyadi from other political actors. The Sundanese ethnic identity in the political communication of Regent Dedi Mulyadi was constructed and manipulated for the purposes of marketing political development.