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Winter 1-5-2021


This article discusses how the development of the capacity of information technology used in organizations so that it can improve performance from year to year based on the results of evaluations carried out by visualizing the research that has been done.


This study was conducted with the aim of determining various bibliometric characteristics of documents published in the Scopus database. The information starts from the type of access, year, author, subject area, document type, publication stage, source title, keyword, affiliation, funding sponsor, country, source type, and language. Dynamic Capabilities, Information Technology Enabler and Performance are defined as the use of information technology capabilities and information technology management processes between business units with the shared use of resources. Research on Dynamic Capabilities, Information Technology Enablers and Performance by providing a big picture that is visualized from year to year. This study aims to map research in the fields of Dynamic Capabilities, Information Technology Enablers and Performance with data from all international research publications. This study performs bibliometric methods and literature review and analyzes research data using Scopus services analyze search results and VOSviewer applications. The data obtained in this study amounted to 7 academic documents published from 2004 to 2020 globally. The results showed that the institutions and individual researchers at the global level who were the most productive in publications in the fields of Dynamic Capabilities, Information Technology Enabler and Performance were EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht with 2 documents and the most researchers Knabke, T with 2 article documents. Most subject area is Computer Sicance (35.7%) with 5 documents. Then the most publications occurred in 2011 with 2 documents, and the most types of documents in this field were in the form of Conferences Papers (57.1%) or 4 documents. Most documents by country of study are German with 3 documents. And finally the number of documents based on the source year is Information Systems And E Business Management with 1 document.



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