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Information Literacy and Academic Libraries: Students learning in the information age, the case of undergraduates at the Wisconsin International University College

Dinah Koteikor Baidoo, Ashesi University College
Comfort Asare, Wisconsin International University College
Peter Anafo, University of Mines and Technology

Document Type Article


Information literacy is a crucial skill in the pursuit of knowledge. It involves recognizing when information is needed and being able to efficiently locate, accurately evaluate, effectively use, and clearly communicate information in various formats. This paper sought to investigate the information literacy skills of students of the Wisconsin International University College. It examined student’s knowledge of their information needs, where to find and search for information in academic libraries, how to evaluate and use credible information to enhance learning in the information age. The survey method was used. Questionnaires were administered to one hundred (100) students who were involved in the study. The study revealed that some of the students knew where to locate the needed information whereas a few did not. It also came to light that, majority of the students had less knowledge of information literacy as being part of the institution’s curriculum. The authors have made several recommendations towards improving the situation. Among them is the introduction of more education with regards to information literacy among students in the University.