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In present study, we aimed to identify and evaluate the trends of the 100 most-cited research articles on Covid-19 using bibliometric techniques.


Scopus online database hosted by Elsevier was used to extract relevant articles for this study. We have identified the top 100 research papers on Covid-19 published across the globe based on their citations data. Further analysis was made to find the countries of origin, journal wise distribution, author cluster network, keyword analysis and inter-citation map to understand and to establish the links among them.


The T100 most cited articles were published between January-August, 2020 and their citations ranged from 304 to 5295. The T100 articles were contributed by 24 countries, with more than half is originated from China (n=63). Scientific publications originated from china received highest citations (55,688) followed by USA (13,996) and Hong Kong (9,501). Although ‘New England Journal of Medicine’ published the most papers (n=15) with the highest impact factor value of (74.699) but studies published in ‘The Lancet’ has received highest citations (n=18,431). The top five journals hold 44% of these influential studies. The Tongji medical college, Huazhong University of science & technology, Wuhan, China is the top institution with the most T100 articles in the field of Covid-19.


We analyzed the 100 most-cited articles in the field of Covid-19. China and USA are the dominant countries in terms of the number of T100 articles, scientists and institutions. Scientific publications originated from China also had the highest mean number of citations. The leading institutions with the most productive articles were Tongji medical college, Jin yin-tan hospital, Tsinghua university school of medicine (China) and University of North Carolina (US). The study authored by Huang C on “Clinical features of patients infected with 2019 novel coronavirus in Wuhan, China” has received maximum citations (5295).