Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Date of this Version

Winter 1-21-2021


The Study is based on the use of herbals in the library to preserve the library belongings and also the health aspects of users of the library




Background research interest focuses on medicinal herbs such as Cinnamomum verum and Piper nigrum extracts can be used to trap the microbes from the atmosphere.

  • To collect bark of Cinnamomum verum and Piper nigrum plants and make a dry powder.
  • To perform Phytochemicals analysis for the extracted powder.
  • To perform antimicrobial susceptibility test and MIC against different strains.
  • To develop herbal coated tissue paper.


  • The bark of Cinnamomum verum and Piper nigrum were collected and finely powdered.
  • Different extracts of C. verum and P. nigrum (10 μl to 40 μl) were loaded on to the wells of MHA and incubated at 37 ˚C for 24 h to determine the MIC.
  • Highest antimicrobial concentration of the herbal extract was coated on the tissue by spraying method.


The microbial load was significantly decreased in library after exposure of herbal extract.


The Research work concludes that 30 μl concentration of C.verum and P. nigrum is effective to reduce the microbial load in our library atmosphere. The developed filter paper can be placed in the library environment since it is eco-friendly and cost effective.