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Winter 2-2021

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Abstract: Sexual abuse during childhood can destroy the backbone of a society because children are the future citizens. Significant research in this area is desirable to increase awareness against this heinous crime. The present scientometric study has been conducted to present the growth of research in this subject domain in India. Data analysis reveals that among the total 300 articles published on this topic, the highest number of publications i.e. 42 was published in 2015 and year 2001 has published only 2 articles. Journal articles were the highest in number among different types of publication. According to chronological distribution of citation, the highest number of citation i.e. 5690 was published in 2012 and lowest number of citations i.e. 12 was published in 2018. Finally there is a positive relationship between time and growth of citation. Overall Degree of Collaboration (C) among the authors i.e. 0.87 indicates large number of collaborative works among the authors is observable. This article also represents source title wise publication where Indian Journal of Psychiatry has received maximum number of publications.