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Winter 2-2021

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With the advent of new emerging technology in the library, the library website plays an important role and making a handy tool for promoting library services to reach and disseminate information in every corner of the world without physically visiting the library. The present study evaluated the content of Agricultural University Library Websites/Webpages in Rajasthan State, India. Sixty-five criteria of a checklist method are prepared and used for data collection for analysing the feature of library website/webpage. The finding result revealed that the Swami Keshwan and Rajasthan Agricultural University, Bikaner Library Websites/Webpage scored 35 (53.84%) out of 65, which ranked first and falls under the good grade point whereas Rajasthan University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Bikaner Library Website ranked in 5th position by scoring 10 (15.38%) out of 65 features and thus needs improvement to provide the basic library services as per user demand.