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Winter 3-15-2021



This study compared the extent to which employee motivation and job satisfaction promote productivity among the staff of Sam Jonah and Osagyefo libraries. The study used a cross-sectional survey design. Census sampling and a questionnaire were used to collect data from 184 library staff of both Sam Jonah and Osagyefo libraries in Ghana based on the objectives identified. The study revealed that hygiene factors such as salary, working conditions, supervision, policies, interpersonal relation, security, and fringe benefits could serve as determinants of job satisfaction of staff of Sam Jonah and Osagyefo libraries. Also, motivation was identified to be a factor that contributes to employees’ job satisfaction of staff of both libraries. The study recommends that the management of the two libraries should focus on the non-financial issues related to motivation such as occupational safety and security. Moreover, special cognizance should be given to different staff categories in these institutions and their preferred motivational conditions.



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