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Quality education, which remains the key to sustainable development globally, is under threat sequel to Covid-19 pandemic that has bedeviled the academic activities owing to its social distancing rule. Alternatively, Universities worldwide has embraced digital learning in order to sustain the academic activities. Regrettably, Nigerians’ Universities are still under lock and keys in view of poor or lack of digital learning equipment and experts. This study ascertains Nigeria’s readiness towards digital learning, prospects, challenges and policy options amidst Covid 19 pandemic. Evaluation theory in line with qualitative research design was used to analyze the research questions. The finding showed that though meaningful efforts has been made by few of the private universities but the public universities are not good enough for full implementation of digital learning. The study suggested a liberalization of the educational sector from the bureaucratic bottleneck that has bedeviled its transformational development over the years and concluded that education as a key to national development cannot be relegated to the background but must be fully funded and adequately equipped to face the challenges of sustainable development.



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