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Winter 2-1-2021


Purpose: This study aims to trace the impact of the NIRF ranking on research publications, with special reference to North-East Indian Universities, and to evaluate the research publications, citation, and h-index of the respective universities.

Methodology: The respective universities have been selected from the list of NIRF ranking top hundred universities. Information related to research publications, citation, and h- index is retrieved from the Web of Science database. This study deals with a scientific study of ten years of research publication from the eight selected universities, five years after NIRF ranking, and five years before ranking (2011-2015 and 2016-2020).

Findings: The study shows that research publications are a prime phenomenon for ranking the university and higher educational institutions. NIRF provides 70 weightage of publications and quality of publications. The study reveals that only eight universities from NE India got ranked in NIRF ranking. Tezpur University is the most prolific university in the region. The rank of universities is in a state of fluctuation year after year. The distribution of Research Publications, Citation, and h-index in the last ten years before ranking and after ranking shows that all the universities have tried to improve their scholarly output.