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Purpose: This study evaluated the publications published in journals indexed in the Scopus-Elsevier database on Contract Law as article title from 1960 – 2019.

Methods: Data of published documents on contract law downloaded from Scopus-Elsevier database on comma-separated value (CSV) file to fill the study's purpose. To calculate the year-wise publications, estimate the document's format, assess the pattern of authorship, place of publication, and gauge the first author's affiliation with their country.

Results: There is 1551 document written by 2017; 1.3 authors in nine publication formats. Articles, book chapters, and review articles 1237; 79.7% attract the researchers for due attention and publish these at 1366 places. Seventy-three countries participated in 1551 documents; the United States 305; 19.6%, United Kingdom 281; 18.1%, and Germany 174; 11.2% are on the top slots among the 73 countries.


Conclusion: This study reveals that the law of contract is an emerging subject in the discipline of law. Geo-political situations, international trade, and the country's own rules and customs played an essential role in making legal agreements or contracts between two parties.



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