Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln



The accessibility and use of electronic information resources enhance librarians research output by providing various information needed for research. Librarians are regarded as academics and are expected to publish like other academic staff, but it seems that librarians record low research output when compared with lecturers or other academic staff. The aim of this study is to investigate accessibility, use of electronic information resources and research output of librarians in universities in Ekiti, Ondo and Osun States of Nigeria. The survey research design was adopted for the research. The findings reveals that there was high level of accessibility and use of electronic information resources by librarians but not on research output that librarians published mostly in journals. The major challenge faced by librarians in this States was lack of time due to library routine tasks. This study concluded that most librarians in universities in study locale have access to electronic information resources but they do not maximize the use of these resources for their research work. Hence this study recommended that librarians’ routine task should be minimized so that they can have time to embark on research activities using the electronic information resources.