Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln



The Corona virus pandemic has dramatically remodeled and transformed the education sector into a digital learning hub due to the closure of educational institutions globally. Possessing adequate digital literacy skills and embracing web-based techniques are the only means to ensure continuity in the process of teaching and learning. The purpose of this paper is to show the positive influence of Covid-19 pandemic in molding librarians into tech savvy library professionals in enhancing their digital knowledge and in upliftment of their IT skills. A structured online questionnaire using Google Forms was used to collect data from the librarians working in academic colleges across Goa. From the study it was found that Covid-19 pandemic period has played a positive role in uplifting the digital and technical knowledge of the library professionals, it has widened the use of various social media platforms in disseminating information to the patrons. The study highlighted that 75% of the librarians acquired digital literacy skills by taking part in the webinars on various topics. This paper also throws light on the importance of having knowledge of E-databases and E-resources in satisfying the needs of the users in the Covid-19 pandemic period.