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Summer 4-19-2021




This paper aims to analyze a bibliometric study mapping of research output on Medical Waste Management (MWM). All articles relevant to MWM research have been retrieved using the Web of Science (WOS) database. Bibliometric analysis for co-citation, linking, scientific collaboration analysis, co-word analysis and visualizing bibliometric networks were used by many important bibliometric tools, such as Biblioshiny, ScientoPy and VOSviewer. The study’s key results were that 944 research paper published in 2001-2020. The results show publications of medical waste management gradually increased but the average number of citation is not increased. The USA is top of the list among the countries with 215 publications, 5112 citations and 331total link strength. The Peoples R China on 2nd rank with 104 publications and 1715 citations; The University of Northampton (England) is on the top of the list with 16 publications, 227 citations and total link strength 97 whereas the University Tehran Medical Science (Iran) occupy the 2nd rank with 16 publications, with 124 citations. The Journal “Waste management” is highly influential journal, producing maximum 78 publications, 2867 citations, 33 H Index, 51 G Index and 1.83 M Index. Whereas “Waste management & research” is on the 2nd rank with 70 publications, 979 citations 19 H Index, 24 G Index and 1 M Index. The top six keywords are (Medical Waste, Waste Management, Waste, Management, Healthcare Waste, and Hospital) have strong relationships with top 10 countries. The UK emerged top collaborator with Italy (11 publications), followed by the USA with China (10 publication), USA with UK (10 publication).



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