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This study provides the bibliometric overview of Journal of Documentation


This study reflects the bibliometric analysis of 211 articles appeared in ‘JDoc’ from 2007 to 2011. Different parameters of bibliometrics such as the yearly distribution of publications; exponential growth rate, relative growth rate; doubling time of publications; authorship pattern; the degree of collaboration among authors; pagination pattern of publications; top ten keywords, countries, institutions & top ten most cited papers. The study reveals that the majorities of publications published in the ‘JDoc’ were research papers (87.05%) and rest were review papers (12.95%). The exponential growth rate remained between 0.97 to 1.04 with average relative growth rate (0.32) and with doubling time (1.61) during the research period. The present study reflects the dominance of multiple authors’ publications with the degree of collaboration value 0.54. Information retrieval with 54 hits is the top keyword followed by ‘Information Science’ with 26 hits. The United Kingdom is top country with 32.70% publications followed by United State with 22.74% contribution



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