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Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) is a very new concept, and in India, it is under development process. Through the MHRD of India under the maintenance of INFLIBNET, the Government of India has launched a brand new platform of MOOCs called Swayam; it will take some time to reach the mind of India's ordinary and professional citizens. To spread the concept of MOOCs / Swayam government of India has been conducting many awareness and training programs on MOOCs to ensure MOOCs /Swayam's concept reaches every corner of India. The Government of India has also thought of reaching the remote area through MOOCs to provide valuable and free education. The study focuses on measuring the students' awareness, perception, and attitude towards MOOCs; are they willing to take MOOCs; their problems accessing MOOCs, etc. This study concludes that MOOCs are a positive development in education, allowing border exposure for the student to study anytime, anywhere and opportunities for uplifting knowledge and Degree. The purpose of this is to get an idea about the students' awareness of MOOCs. By this, teachers will benefit from knowing whether the students are interested in the online learning environment. The study also concludes that the students are interested in pursuing Massive Open Online Course but they have less knowledge on how to enroll in any Massive Open Online Course. Therefore, the students need proper guidance and more awareness on available SWAYAM courses and transferring their credit through the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS).