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Winter 3-16-2021


The aim of this study is to carry out a bibliometric analysis of literature on work engagement based on the Web of science Core Collection. References to work engagement literature published between 1980 and 2020 have been included. Biblioshiny application was used to analyze the annual scientific productivity, top contributing authors and their impact, top contributing countries and institutions, most relevant sources of publication, most cited documents, and most frequently used keywords and collaboration among countries in work engagement research. The results of study show that Netherlands is the most productive country and that the Erasmus University is the most productive institution in this area. Bakker AB is the leading author of the maximum citation category. "Journal of Vocational Behavior" is the most widely cited journal in work engagement filed. The paper of Schaufeli WB (2006) is a popular and symbolic reference with the maximum citations (697). The five most frequent keywords used in work engagement research have also been revealed, namely: (1) work engagement, (2) engagement, (3) work, (4) job satisfaction, and (5) burnout. Furthermore, it was found that Netherlands, Finland, United States, Spain, and Peoples Republic China have engaged in the most significant collaborations. These analyzes would provide the reader with an overview of the study commitment and developments over these years.



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