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Internet of Things (IoT) which connects real-world physical objects with various identities involves different technologies and research areas. As it is an integration of different standards and technologies with numerous capabilities, the implementation phase needs to consider important parameters of communication. In IoT this is achieved through messaging protocols. Each object has its own limitations in terms of sensing capability, storage capacity, connectivity, power utilization, etc. And hence when such objects are deployed for different applications, they need to perform well in terms of their various capabilities. Messaging protocols at this stage need to consider these diverse elements. One of such IoT enabling technologies can be categorized as communication technology and networks, wherein data transmission protocols such as Hypertext Transmission Protocol (HTTP), Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP), Message Queue Telemetry Protocol (MQTT), MQTT for Sensor Networks (MQTT-SN), Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) are used for data transmission. Each protocol has its own messaging architecture and standard. Any IoT application intends to provide optimum utilization of limited processing power and energy. In such a scenario integration and translation between various popular messaging protocols is needed. In this article bibliometric study for application like Aquaculture has been undertaken. The analysis done through Scopus database provides information about prominent countries involved in research field, highest citation documents, co-authorship links, funding sponsors etc. The bibliometric study conducted helped in understanding scope of the research field.