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Spring 4-13-2021


The main theme of this study was to examine the information needs and seeking behavior of Female Paramedical Staff in Government Hospitals of District Karak, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Survey-based method was used to carried out the study. The population of this study was 110 Female paramedical staff in two government hospitals. Data was collected through questionnaires for data collection. The findings of the study revealed that paramedics mostly need information for clinical works, caretaking of patients, problems of patients, new medical trends and health policies, and self-development. The study found that they held conversations with medical experts, colleagues, and patients for seeking information. They also use books, dictionaries, magazines, and research articles to acquire the needed information. The study revealed that most of the paramedics use internet search engines, social media, audio-visual materials, e-books, e-articles, and e-newspaper to fulfill their required needs of information. The findings of this study will be helpful for health professionals, administrations, and policymakers to understand the level of information needs and seeking behavior of paramedical staff.



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